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Recipe Couscous with fish

Main dish
Two or three kinds of fishes such as grouper fish monkfish or red snapper

Spices and herbs:
salt and black pepper

onions diced 1 cup and a half
zucchini 500 gr
small carrots 300gr
chick peas 150 gr
couscous 800 gr
tomatoes 200 gr (mashed)
garlic, one pod
olive oil

Cooking: Take a great bowl, pour in olive oil, mix garlic with harissa, cumin, salt, pepper; mix well and put pieces of fish inside; let them soak well in the mixture and let marinate for 45 minutes.
Prepare the couscous in the pot, pour in a cup of olive oil, have the mashed tomatoes cook over light heat while stirring, at the same time, put the diced onions and the 250 ml of water; then put in the mint leaves and the pepper for 10 more minutes; then put in the carrots and the eggplants; stir, add 400 ml then the chick peas.
Stir then start adding the marinated fish; let cook, placing your couscous above your pot; add a little water and have it cook lightly for 15 minutes; pour in saffron then mix with hand.
Now serve the couscous on a great plate and pour over it the mixture of fish, spices and vegetables; add fresh mint leaves and serve hot.
Good appetite!

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